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مهلة نهائية للمشاركة في المسابقة الدولية للفنون Art Laguna الدورة السابعة في ايطاليا

زيادة حجم الخط مسح إنقاص حجم الخط
الوكالة الدولية لاجونا 7 آرتي 

مهلة نهائية للمشاركة في الدورة السابعة من المسابقة الدولية

التفاصيل على الرابط التالي والتسجيل

الاعلان عن المسابقة بالغة العربية سابقا على الرابط التالي

للمشارك والتسجيل اختيار القسم الخاص بين فن الرسم والنحت والتركيب الفيديو، والأداء والتصوير والفن الظاهري
التقدم مباشرة على الخط الآن على الموقع
المبلغ الكلي للجائزة: 180،000
أقسام: الرسم والنحت والتركيب والتصوير الفوتوغرافي وفن الفيديو، والأداء، والفن الظاهري
المشاركة: المسابقة مفتوحة لجميع الفنانين، دون أي حد من العمر، هذا الموضوع هو مجانا
المعرض الجماعي من 110 الفنانين النهائي: مارس 2013 - البندقية Arsenale
معرض لمجموعة مختارة من الفنانين Under25: مارس 2013 - المعهد الثقافي الروماني البندقية
جوائز تميز :

جوائز نقدية 5 من 7000 لما مجموعه 35،000
للفوز الفنانين، واحد لكل قسم
الأعمال للفن
آرتي لاجونا جائزة يخلق الاتصال والتلوث بين عالم الفن واحدة من الأعمال. لهذه الطبعة "FOPE gioielli" تطور مشروع فني مع الفنان الحائز لقسم الفن الظاهري.
مهرجانات الدولية
ستفتح، المعرض الدولي للنحت وتركيب البندقية في اختيار فنان واحد الذين سيشاركون في الحدث الدولي في عام 2013.
المعارض الشخصية في المعارض الفنية الدولية


Only a few days to the final application deadline to take part in the seventh edition of the international contest that allows artists to exhibit in one of the most prestigious show floors in the world: the Arsenal of Venice.

Choose your section among painting, sculpture and installation, video art and performance, photography and virtual art

Apply now directly on-line on the website

2 NEW ART RESIDENCIES by submitting two artworks in the same section

NEW Loft Miramarmi: Art residency in Vicenza, in the marble district for 1 month for 2 artists + realization of a project + open day

The residency includes: accommodation, studio, workshop, realization of a project using marble, 500 grant, open day

NEW Beijing art residency: Art Residency in Beijing for 1 month for 1 artist + final exhibition

The residency includes: accommodation, studio, assistance, 200 grant, final exhibition.

At the end of the application period, you will be asked to send a project proposal that will be evaluated in order to choose the winner

The residency is organized in collaboration with Lab-Yit

Total Prize amount: 180,000

Sections: painting, sculpture & installation, photography, video art & performance, virtual art

Participation: the contest is open to all artists, without any limit of age, the subject is free

Collective exhibition of 110 finalist artists: March 2013 Venice Arsenale

Exhibition of a selection of Under25 Artists: March 2013 Romanian Cultural Institute of Venice


5 Cash Prizes of 7,000 for a total of 35,000

for winning artists, one for each section

Business for Art

Arte Laguna Prize creates connection and contamination between the world of art and the one of business. For this edition "FOPE gioielli" develops an artistic project with the winning artist of the virtual art section.

International Festivals

Open, International exhibition of sculpture and installation in Venice will choose one artist who will participate in its international event in 2013.

Personal Exhibitions in International Art Galleries

Arte Laguna Prize has created a network of international galleries to introduce the artists to the market of Contemporary Art. Each gallery will select an artist for creating a solo exhibition:

A+A Gallery, Venice - Akneos, Naples - Amy-d Arte Spazio, Milan - Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Milan - Cell63, Berlin - Dafna Home Gallery, Naples - De Faveri Arte + Lab 610 XL, Feltre and Sovramonte - Diana Lowenstein, Miami - Federica Ghizzoni Gallery, Milan - Gagliardi Gallery, San Gimignano - Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Venice - L'Occhio Art Gallery, Venice - Largo Baracche, Naples - Leo Galleries, Monza and Lugano - Maelstrom Art Gallery, Milan - Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome - PrimoPiano Gallery, Naples - Silbernagl&Undergallery, Milan and Varese - Spazio Surreale, S.Paolo Brazil - Yvonneartecontemporanea, Vicenza - Zaion Gallery, Biella


Umberto Angelini, Director of Festival Uovo of Milan, dedicated to performing arts
Gabriella Belli, Director of Musei Civici of Venice
Adam Budak, Contemporary Art Curator of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden at the Smithsonian Institution of Washington
Cecilia Freschini, independent Curator, Founder and Director of Lab-Yit, art platform in China
Mario Gerosa, Editor-in-chief of AD magazine, Digital Art Expert and Curator
Lina Lazaar, Expert in International Contemporary Art for auction house Sotheby's, and Middle Eastern art expert
Kanchi Mehta, Indian Curator, Founder and Curator of Chameleon Art Projects
Sabine Schaschl, Director and Curator of Kunsthaus of Basel
Felix Schöber, German Independent Curator, works especially on Chinese and Taiwanese contemporary art
Claudia Zanfi, Art Historian and Cultural Manager from Milan

CURATOR OF THE PRIZE Igor Zanti - Italy, Art Critic

All the details of the competition >>>

Apply now >>>

Arte Laguna Prize

+39 041 59 37 242

Follow us on :


I remain at your disposal for any further information and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your kind attention,

Yours faithfully

Elettra Battini

Arte Laguna Prize

Tel. +39 041 5937242



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